The Blog:

It took me a while to come up with a name for the blog…In the end, I came up with Crash Rockne, a name that pays tribute to Knute Rockne, the famed Notre Dame football coach whose life was cut short by the tragic TWA Flight 599 crash in 1931. After Rockne and seven others were killed, the airline industry underwent a series of profound changes, affecting society as a whole. For more information on TWA Flight 599 and Rockne, see these pages.

What’s so unique about the crash of flight TWA Flight 599 is that this singular event had a wide range of impacts, including those on the university, sports, business, technology, government/law, and even entertainment (Rockne was heading to LA to help with production of a movie, The Spirit of Notre Dame). The intersection of fields typically viewed as distinct from one another is fascinating, and a key part of what I hope to write.

I hope that Crash Rockne will be informative and interesting to those who read, but these goals will not be accomplished immediately, and I hope to learn and grow as I go.


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